The benefits of whiter teeth

There’s nothing quite like having an awesome smile. Your whole face lights up when you meet other people. You feel much more successful and confident. Moreover, because a great smile is one of the first things people use to judge you, your smile can create a lasting impression. While some people are born with great smiles, others can take their smile and make it even better by whitening their teeth.

There are lots of ways to get whiter teeth. Over-the-counter systems can work for some people, but without the supervision of a dentist, you run the risk of less than desirable results when you make a mistake. Furthermore, over-the-counter remedies are limited by regulations that affect the degree of their effectiveness as well.

Other people prefer to use stronger teeth whitening products in the privacy of their own home. These products are prescribed by a dentist such as Dr. Seal who creates a concentration of ingredients and flavors to match your preferred choices.

The best options, and the ones that give you optimum results are in-office teeth whitening products. Dr. Seal and his team can help patients have their teeth whitened in a single appointment in under an hour. This is the safest and quickest way to have a whiter and brighter smile.

Regardless of the method you choose, after a teeth-whitening procedure, without a doubt, you’ll have a better-looking smile. You’ll find it easier to laugh out loud when stains and discolorations are gone. Your entire personality will change as you gain social confidence around other people.

Teeth whitening with Dr. Seal requires a relatively small investment, but the returns will pay for themselves over and over again.

Dr. Thomas H. Seal serves patients in the Kirkland and nearby Washington communities.