Orthodontics and Invisible Braces

We offer multiple options for the correction of dental malocclusions. We utilize 3Dconebeam CT scans, and 3D software to evaluate all skeletal, and dental landmarks. We evaluate jaw function, ease of breathing, and note the entire bodies skeletal, and muscular relations. 3D adds another dimension to conventional 2D cephlometric analysis and orthodontic treatment planning. We can do biocompatability testing to ensure that any dental materials you will be using are not an allergen for you.

We have metal, clear, and invisible braces [clear correct vs invisalign] We often do preventative orthodontics with occlusal guides [connect to occlusal guide} We have been successfully using functional appliances for decades. We truly are concerned about all of you, not just your smile.

Welcome to our practice! Please schedule a complimentary consult, prior to doing an orthodontic workup. If you would like a second opinion, we would love to give you ours. We frequently answer questions most people, including dentists have not been trained to think about.

Sirona Galilaos
Dentsply Sirona