Mobile Dentistry in Kirkland, WA

Due to mobility and other health issues, not all patients we treat are able to visit our offices in Kirkland. That’s why we also provide in-home dentistry services to patients who are limited by their mobility, travel and health issues. For many years prior to their retirement, Dr. Peter Moore and Dr. Charles Wellington provided this much needed and valuable service at schools, community centers, nursing, hospice and elder care facilities as well as at other similar locations.

Recognizing the significant value and convenience, this offered to our patients; we continue to serve patients with home call dentistry as part of our practice. This increased access to quality dental services means that patients, both in our offices and those we see as part of our house call dentistry services enjoy better dental health, creating a win-win situation that still allows us to deliver a holistic approach to dentistry in a flexible, friendly and professional way. We deliver comfort and function while eliminating pain, infection and poor dental health for our patients no matter where they are located.

4 thoughts on “Mobile Dentistry

  1. Older brother had a stroke. Needs teeth cleaning. Lives at an Adult Family Home in Bonney Lake, WA.

  2. Hi, I work in a Assisted Living Facility in Enumclaw. We are in need of dental care for our residents. Would you be available? Could we get more information?

  3. We have an elderly aunt living in an Adult Family Home in Shoreline. Travel for her is extremely difficult and she is in need of some dental work. Specifically, she has had some bottom front teeth break off and the roots need attention. Is this something that you could possibly treat?

  4. Hi – You were recommended by Kaiser Permanente. My mom needs a dental check up and lives in adult family home in Bellevue. She has limited mobility and we’d like to schedule a home visit.

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