Dental 3D Scans in Kirkland, WA

High-tech dentistry designed with the patient in mind

There have been lots of advancements in dental technology in recent years. A trip to the dentist used to fill many people with fear and dread, but many of those fears have been replaced by high-tech solutions that save patients time, pain and money.

Dr. Seal has been a local leader in the greater Kirkland area with his use of dental technology solutions for his patients. One of the most notable advancements he now employs is the use of 3-D diagnostic scans.

By using a dental 3-D scan, Dr. Seal can create an image of a patient’s entire jaw in less than a minute. That is much less time than it used to take with a standard set of x-rays. However, saving time is just one of the many benefits for Dr. Seal’s patients.

Using 3-D technology is safer. It exposes patients to the smallest amount of radiation possible…up to 10 times less than a conventional CAT scan. This type of technology is also more precise, providing Dr. Seal with up to 200 images of your mouth, teeth and gums. This means it is easier to diagnose hidden problems such as abscesses or infections, sinus issues, dental lesions, and malignancies of the jaw.

3-D technology allows for precise measurements that determine the thickness of bone allowing Dr. Seal to have a better preplan before oral surgery on when placing an implant. There is also better accuracy when it comes to identifying the nerve system involved in doing root canals.

However, perhaps one of the best advantages of 3-D scanning technology is that there can be significant cost savings compared to other forms of diagnoses. Treatment can also be expedited due to an overall, more accurate treatment plan.

Dr. Thomas H. Seal serves patients in the Kirkland and nearby Washington communities.