Dr Thomas Seal

Best Affordable Dental Care in Kirkland, WA

Dr. Seal has been practicing dentistry for over 35 years in Kirkland, Washington. Our practice is holistic where we look at more than just your smile. We take care of all of you and pay attention to how the oral environment can affect all parts of you.

Dr. Seal has been on TV on King 5′s health segment to discuss fresh breath. He has been in Seattle Magazine discussing holistic dentistry, he has also been in the newspaper & TV evening news, Evening Magazine, discussing dentistry and falconry. He has taught martial arts, and Chi Gong at BCC the UW, Bellevue Parks Dept, to multiple government employees, as well as protective agents of multiple other friendly countries.

Tom graduated from the U of W with a BS in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine. He received his DDS from the University of Washington where he was also awarded the Oral Medicine Award. He has run or worked in Yesler Terrace Dental Clinic, Children and Youth Dental Clinic, Raineer Vista Dental Clinic, SeaMar Dental Clinics. He has worked with Evergreen Hospital, Overlake Hospital, Alcenas Treatment Center, Fairfax Hospital, MIilam Lakeside, Care Unit Tx Center, Valley General, Franke Toby Jones Assisted Living, countless assisted living homes as well as doing mobile dental care for the homebound.

Dr Seal has done research in endodontics, autoimmune responces and TMJ disorders. He currently teaches Alchemy, Ho’omana, and aspects of Yoga. We work with world class health care providers who we hope to aid in complimentary therapies.

Dr. Seal is indebted to the late Dr. Farand Robson, DDS.  Tom worked with Dr. Robson for seven years and was greatly influenced by his knowledge and holistic approach to dentistry, applying much of what he learned to how he treats patients to this day.